Which Statement Describes The Code Of Conduct Of A Person Entering An Agreement

Starbucks` code of conduct also answers several questions that employees can refer to when faced with uncertainty. These short sections of Q-A help readers understand how to act in certain situations and why this behavior reflects the standards created by Starbucks. In addition, Starbucks has created a unique ethical decision framework to help employees face ethical dilemmas in the workplace. General Motors ( GM`s) code of conduct is comprehensive and yet easy to understand. It is clearly formulated, with simple explanations. The code indicates who it applies to, how it is being met and what expectations are set for employees. GM uses the term “us” throughout its code of conduct to ensure that all employees, including senior managers and directors, are maintained at the same level. When it applies to workers, the code includes employees, contractors, temporary workers and temporary workers of the supplier and its related companies. If the code refers to the law, these are the laws in the jurisdiction that apply when goods are purchased or services are provided. This code is based on the expectation that all suppliers will work in full compliance with the laws, rules and rules of the jurisdictions in which they operate.

The global code of conduct for Johnson and Johnson includes information on anti-corruption laws, anti-cartel laws, global trade compliance, fair purchases, animal welfare, non-discrimination and even the use of social media. Their code of conduct should describe how they behave not only in the office, but also online. Use this social media policy list to set expectations for appropriate online behavior. Free bonus: Click here to access a free code of conduct so you can create your own code of conduct in less time. Any passive investment not exceeding 2% (2%) all outstanding shares of a publicly traded company are allowed without Facebook`s permission, provided the investment is not financially significant (either in absolute dollars or as a percentage of your entire investment portfolio) to create an appearance of conflict of interest. Each investment in more than 2% (2%) a public company or investment in a private company that is a current or potential competitor of Facebook or has a business relationship with Facebook requires prior approval from the conflict committee. Facebook reserves the right to verify and verify previous investment authorizations to avoid any real or apparent conflict of interest. Facebook may regularly investigate Facebook staff to determine the status and circumstances of board members or investments, and Facebook staff are responsible for continuously monitoring and reporting any changes in circumstances that may lead to a real or apparent conflict of interest.

Depending on your role on Facebook, you may have access to information systems or tools that allow you to view certain information about users, customers, advertisers and customers that would otherwise not be visible before working on Facebook. These tools are important and necessary for you to do your job effectively. However, it is of the utmost importance that all Facebook staff treat this access to data with the utmost sensitivity and caution. You are only allowed to access this data if it is necessary for your work. This data is confidential and is subject to privacy in many legal systems. Facebook`s brand and the trust that users and advertisers place in us depend on your responsible use of tools that allow you to display information that would otherwise not be visible to you.