Eiv Repayment Agreement Plan

Chapter 8 of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Manual 4350.3 REV-1 describes the obligation for the tenant to repay as soon as the landlord finds that an additional payment of housing allowances has been made. If it is established that the tenant should enter into a repayment contract to recover funds and repay HUD, the landlord must comply with the following HUD guidelines: NOTE: The Inspector General`s Office has decided that there is no minimum amount for a repayment agreement. O/A should be familiar with the capability of their software, which allows for the addition of refund agreements and all the information contained in section 7 of MAT30. Under TRACS Update 2.0.3.A, Section 7 of the registration is renamed to reflect refunds and escrows. O/A should contact software documentation or software provider when support is needed. O/A should also consult the TRACS Monthly Activity Transmission (MAT) usage manual for updated instructions on how to record these payments. In MAT Chapter 6, Section 7, please see information on how to complete the various areas of refund agreements.