California Alternative Workweek Agreement Form

[Enterprise] will not reduce the normal rate of pay for an employee in [indicating the work unit] as a result of acceptance, repeal or change to another weekly schedule. [Include benefits for employees in an alternative work week, z.B. more days off per week, more time for family expenses, etc.] In addition, [indicate negative effects on employees of an alternative work week, for example. B, longer hours on working days, no overtime after 8 hours a day, etc.] Without your agreement on this proposal, the company will generally not approve alternative hours of more than eight hours of work per day. [Company] will strive to find a work plan that does not exceed eight hours per day for each employee who has the right to vote on this proposal, but who is not able to work on a timetable set by the election. [The company] may also, at its sole discretion, provide a work plan of up to eight hours per day to accommodate any employee recruited after the election who is unable to work on an alternative timetable set after the election. [The company] will also explore all reasonable alternatives available to accommodate religious beliefs or employee observations that conflict with an alternative workweek plan adopted, as required by law. 5. When you offer a menu, let employees choose the schedules. Each staff member must choose a fixed calendar from the written menu. To simplify matters, let employees find their jobs according to the written agreement. Without your consent to this proposal, [company] generally does not allow other work schedules of more than eight hours per day, because [the company] would result in an increase in the daily cost of overtime.

1. Identify the work units to be obtained. An alternative work week must apply to a declared work unit. Existing rules define a work unit as a separate division, division, command classification, position or location. In some situations, even a single employee can be qualified as a work unit. I vote in favour of rejecting the alternative work week described above. The HR Management – Compliance: How to Complis with California Wage – Hour Law explains everything you need to know to stay in compliance with the state`s complex and ever-changing rules, laws and regulations in this area. Coverage of bonuses, meal and rest breaks, overtime, alternative work weeks, latest paychecks and more. Assembly Bill 60 (AB 60) authorizes the Industrial Welfare Commission (CBI) to adopt new procedures for setting up alternative work weeks by 1 July 2000. In the meantime, opinions will differ on the new overtime law, existing wage scales and wage scales to be reintroduced on 1 January 2000. If you opt for an alternative work week, the following steps will help you to follow the fullest reading of the law: I am not able to work on the alternative work plan and apply for suitable housing. 7.

Sign the appointment. Many of the existing and reintroduced work orders require that at least two-thirds of your employees voluntarily sign a schedule. While the adoption of an alternative work schedule may reduce the cost of overtime, it also significantly limits the flexibility of an employer`s planning and is therefore best suited to employers, who generally have regular schedules, who are rarely required to change. If an employer currently uses an alternative work week that is not passed by secret ballot by a two-thirds majority of workers in a work unit and/or exceeds 10 hours per day, you must make a successful choice. Workers who, as of 1 July 1999, voluntarily worked an alternative work week under schedules 1, 4, 5, 7 or 9, can apply in writing to continue to do so without daily overtime.